Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Another Pine Lake Pullover

So this post is about yet another item made from PeekaBoo Patterns*. Can you tell I love her patterns?

This is another Pine Lake Pullover*, similar to the one I made my son here

Of course, the one for my daughter had to be pink. So here it is. Pink fleece with those cute owls from this Riley Blake fabric

I made her a size 3 with a little extra length, just like I normally do. I didn't change much from the one I made my son, but there were a few little changes.

First of all, this fabric was slightly different. My son's was a regular fleece, like a polar fleece of some kind. (It's on sale at Hancock right now for $3.83/yard if you want to grab some. It probably doesn't get much cheaper.) This one is more of a microfleece. Both were good choices for this top, but they were a little different. The polar fleece was much more structured and stable, making it very easy to sew with. And I think it gave it a more structured look overall. The microfleece is a little thinner and stretchier, but so soft. The stretch made it a little different to work with. Maybe a little harder just because you have to account for that stretch. The final look is a little softer, more like a sweatshirt or layering top than a jacket. But I love both.

The other thing I did differently this time was to add some interfacing to the facing piece. I think this made it a little easier to install the zipper. So although it's not necessary, I think I would recommend using a little interfacing, at least a strip of it at the zipper seam. Then it won't stretch out of shape while you are working with it. 

One more word of warning - I had a lot of trouble because I ran out of my trusty wonder tape, and found some of this basting tape in my sewing drawer, so I tried that. Let me tell you now - don't do it, it's not the same. Perhaps you all are smarter than me and would not have tried this. I did not read the package where it clearly says "do not stitch through tape". Well, I tried to stitch through it and it was a mess. Big fat mess. So that darn zipper took a lot longer than it should have. That and I installed the zipper backwards the first time (actually only half of it was backwards - how did I manage that?) and I had to unpick stitches.  Well, I finally got it done and I am glad I did. I love it.

And of course the picture of the thumbholes. The kids love those. 

Both kids wanted to wear their pullovers to school today. They don't normally get very excited about clothes. Yes, even if mommy made it and she is very excited about it. But they were pretty excited about these. I would say it's a win. What do you think?

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