Monday, October 27, 2014


We had our first Halloween costume event last night - a Trunk or Treat at church. So we got the kids all dressed up in their costumes! Take a look.

We had loads of fun and the kids loved getting dressed up. 

My son is into all things creepy and wanted to be a zombie. So we just found some old clothes and roughed them up. We cut a few holes (in addition to the ones that were there) and did our best to get them nice and dirty. Then a little makeup on the face - white base, dark around the eyes and some red for blood - voila, zombie!

The girl insisted on being a kitty cat, and not just a kitty cat, a PINK kitty cat. I made her whole outfit from scratch - I'll tell you how next time. 

Uh-oh! This cute, unsuspecting kitty is about to get attacked by a zombie!

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