Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Pink Kitty Cat Costume

As promised, here is more info on how I made my daughter's kitty cat costume.

I started with a jersey sheet in pink. Normally, I wouldn't recommend using jersey sheets to sew clothes, but this is a costume that doesn't need to last and doesn't need to look perfect, so it's a good way to get a lot of fabric for cheap. I also found some of the pink cheetah knit fabric in my stash and decided it looked cat-like.

First I made those cute ruffle pants from Jocole's Everyday Ruffle Knit Pants. Aren't they adorable? This was the first time I made them, but I think we need more for everyday wear. I made her a size 2T width and 3 length and they fit great.

Then I made the shirt. You could use any regular t-shirt pattern. I used this Jalie #2805 pattern. Then I used the basic instructions from the ruffle pants to make the same ruffle on the sleeves. I cut out the round piece and appliqued it to the front with a zigzag stitch.

Then the extras. For the ears. I cut out some triangles, stuffed some batting inside and glued to a headband. For the tail,  I sewed a tube from the pink fabric and stuffed it with batting. I wanted the tail separate so that the pants and shirt could be worn again throughout the year. So I stitched the tail onto a piece of elastic to make a belt.

And the final touch - a nose and some whiskers using my eyeliner. :)

And there you have my take on a pink kitty cat.

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