Thursday, November 20, 2014

Comfy Cozy Robe

The latest project I finished was this Comfy Cozy Robe*, which will be another Christmas present for my son. So, no modeled pics again. (There will be lots after Christmas.) It's another Peekaboo pattern*.

It took me a little longer than I hoped because I struggled unexpectedly with those pockets. The directions had you sew them in a way that was not what my brain was expecting, so it took me a while to get my head around it. And I was in a hurry and not wanting to read the directions - so it took me even longer. Also, I think the pocket placement was off. I didn't like where the pattern had you place the pockets, so I moved them over horizontally, but now I wish I had moved them vertically also. I think moving them down would have kept them out of the way of the sash more. But still, I love how it turned out and I know he will love it. It's so cozy! I made these out of terry cloth for post-bath, but I have seen many made of fleece for lounging. 

My favorite detail of this robe is the neckline. I finished it with a petersham ribbon along the seam. (I love petersham.) It makes it nice and soft. And there is a loop for hanging. Doesn't that look nice?


Pattern: Comfy Cozy Robe* by Peekaboo Patterns. I made a size 8/10 for my six year old. It will probably be a little big, but will fit for a long time. 
  •  Comes in sizes 6 mo - 12 yrs plus a doll size
  • Can be made with or without hood
  • Optional pockets and cuffs
  • Made to fit growing children with additional length and cuffs that can be folded up and then back down as child grows.
  • Also included directions for finishing seams with bias tape - optional
  • Detailed instructions with full color photos.

Fabric: I made mine from this terry cloth fabric. I knew my kids wanted robes for post bath, not so much for lounging, so I wanted terry cloth. Turns out it was quite hard to find. I needed something that was not too thin and was nice and soft. I actually ordered a different fabric and had to return it (Thanks to for easy returns.) But this fabric was perfect. Also beware, though, terry cloth sheds a lot. It's sort of a mess to work with. Make sure you prewash and clean the lint trap when you are done. Also, because terry cloth tends to shed and fray, you really need to finish the ends well. A serger works great. If you don't have a serger, the bias tape directions in the pattern is another great way to give those ends a really nice finish.

Verdict: Great pattern. Only thing I would change next time around is the pocket placement. I plan on making more. I'm going to try to finish another for my daughter before Christmas, but I ran out of fabric for hers. Plus, I tried on this one and it was so comfy I think I want one for me. I think I can size up a little and add some length and make it work for me, :)

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