Sunday, November 9, 2014

Girl's Dress - Knit top with Woven Skirt

My daughter needs some new dresses to wear to church now that it's getting cooler out. So, the other day I had to whip up a new dress. I chose this simple one that I knew I could make quickly. It's a basic t-shirt on top ( I made this one from my trusty Jalie pattern, but you could just as easily use a store bought shirt.) with a woven skirt gathered and sewn to the bottom.

I made this one about two sizes two big so that it will fit for a long time. So you can see that the fit is a little roomy, but it looks nice and comfy. There are several inches that can be let out from the hem and the sleeves are rolled up about two inches.

Someday if I have readers who are interested, I can do a tutorial on how I made this simple dress. Make sure to leave a comment if you are interested.


  1. Adorable dress and adorable model! I would love to see how you made it. My youngest is a girl (three older brothers) so sewing girl things are kind of fun for me.

    1. Thanks so much skiingmama! I have one older boy also, but sewing for girls is a lot of fun. I will try to work up a tutorial soon once I get some more pictures of the comstruction process.