Thursday, November 13, 2014

Happy Feet Pajamas

This week's project was the Happy Feet Pajamas from Peek a Boo Patterns. There is a pajama sew along going on this week, so this is my contribution (affiliate links).

Sorry, no modeled picks again because these are also going to be a Christmas gift. So there will be lots of pics coming later when all the gifts are opened. For now, this is all we get.

I love these pjs because they are so warm and cozy. And I made them entirely out of scraps of various fleece I had laying around. The only thing I had to buy was the gripper fabric for the bottom of the feet.

My kids love their old zip up pajamas, but they are getting older and the zippers are just a pain. These are so much better. Makes pottying so much easier. And you can mix and match to match the weather if need be. Plus, those tops could totally pass for a regular sweatshirt. The feet are still covered for those who don't like to wear socks or who have trouble keeping socks on. Elastic in the ankles keep the feet in place. Sizes range from newborn all the way through size 12. And there is even directions for adding snaps to hold the top and bottom together to keep little tummies warm. 

I have a feeling that once they get these jammies on, they won't want to take them off!

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