Monday, November 3, 2014

Sewing for Men - Finlayson Sweater

So this week I have been doing something a little different - sewing things for adults. Sewing for adults is definitely different. It takes a little more time than sewing for kids. (And of course, a little more material.) For adults, the fit is more important, and can be quite a bit trickier. And I also think the details become more important when sewing for adults. I want to make something that will fit and be worn for many years, not just a few seasons.

After seeing all of the lovely things I have made for the kids, my husband wanted me to sew something for him. :) It took a lot of looking around because there are just not that many good patterns out there for men. I finally came across Thread Theory, an indie sewing company out of Canada that specializes in sewing patterns for men. 

Now, the other problem is that my husband tends to be picky about his clothing. I think most men are, when it comes down to it. He likes t-shirts and jeans at home and polos and khakis at work. That's about all he wears. So I had to find a pattern that he would like, but also something he didn't already have a ton of in his closet. I think this is a real challenge when sewing for men. So, I showed him the pictures of the Finlayson Sweater. At first he wasn't too sure. I mean, that cowl neck was a little outside of his normal wear. Ha! But, after he saw the cowl neck sweater I made for my son, he decided he wanted one. Awesome. So I bought the pattern and sewed it up. 

And here is the finished product! I don't have any modeled pictures yet because he is going to get this for Christmas. Shh.. don't tell him. 

I kinda love it. The pattern is great. Directions were good and I love some of the details they included, like the topstitching and the twill tape in the neckline. They also show you how to stabilize the seams in the shoulders and also in the cuffs. It might just be one of the nicest sweaters in his closet. 

I used this fabric in the facing to show off his favorite team. :) I love that it is fun and personal. And doesn't that neckline tape make it look really professional?

Here are some details of the back:

I would love to hear what you think. Do you ever sew for men? Have you found any good men's patterns? What challenges do you face when sewing for men?


  1. When I saw the title of your blog post on Sew and Show I had to come right away to see what is Finlayson sweater. You wonder why? I'm from Finland and Finlayson is a well known Finnish textile company, established in 1820 :). Sweater looks good and I like the colour a lot! I mostly sew for my 4 kids and for myself, maybe one day to my husband too..... Regards from Finland!

    1. That's great Krista. I was not aware of what Finlayson was. It is the name of the pattern I used, but I suppose that is where they got the name? How interesting. I mostly sew for the kids and myself, too. This is the first thing I have sewn for my husband. :) Thanks for visiting my blog!

  2. I truly admire women who sew for their husbands... That sweater looks great!

  3. Aw. Thanks Sara. This is the only thing I have done for him. I would love to do more someday, but most of my sewing is still for the kids.