Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Greenstyle Lacy Hooded Tee

It's been quiet around here, so I wanted to show you another shirt I made that I have been wearing all the time. This is the Lacy Slope Hooded Tee from Greenstyle Creations. Now I know that leggings are kind of "in" right now, but it is surprisingly hard to find a shirt that is decently long enough to reasonably wear with leggings. I don't think it just me, right? And I 5'2, so I don't know what people do who are actually tall! Anyway, that is why I love this shirt.

This Tee is so comfy I have been wearing it all the time. It's nice and long and slouchy, so it's great with leggings or skinny jeans. And the hood and thumb hole cuffs make it extra cozy. 

I made this one out of some kind of lightweight jersey knit fabric that was on the clearance table at my local Hancock. It worked great for this, although it was not the easiest fabric to work with. I think the stripes were printed slightly off grain. Blah! I think this would be great in a sweater knit. Or almost any other knit fabric. 

Some notes about fit:

  • There are three different lengths available within this pattern, "original", "intermediate", and "tunic" length". I made the "intermediate" length, but rather than curving up in the front, I cut it more or less straight across the front because I wanted to keep the length there instead of doing the regular "hi-lo" thing. And so, don't worry taller ladies, there are directions for cutting it even longer than this! And I love that it covers my rear!
  • As always, pay attention to your measurements and the size chart. This one tends to run big. I made my normal size XS, even though my measurements were a little smaller than those listed in the chart, so I knew that this one would be a bit bigger. I love the slouchy fit it made, but you could certainly adjust the size to make it a bit more fitted. 
Also check out the girls' version I made my daughter here.

And you can purchase this pattern here
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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Vitality Racerback Tank from Peekaboo Pattern Shop - New Today

Announcing another new pattern release for you - the Vitality Racerback tank from Peekaboo Pattern Shop. Get yours for 15% off today only, no code needed. Get yours here.

This tank is meant to be used as a workout tank and even includes an option for a built-in sports bra or a separate sports bra. Or go a size up to make a really comfy summer tank top. (Anyone else ready for summer sewing yet?)

This tank is so quick and easy to sew. I love that it is somewhat fitted in the top half, so that it stays put during a workout, but the waist is roomy enough to skim over the belly, so that I don't feel like I have to suck in all the time. :)

I got to test this one and I am always glad to test for Amy at Peekaboo Patterns. She does a great job listening to the testers' feedback and tweaking the pattern to get a really great fit. She uses testers of all sizes and we ended up with a fit that is really great for everyone. 

Putting it to the test:

Cobra Pose

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Valentine's Day for Me!

Well, it's a day later than I promised, but here's what I made for ME this Valentine's.

This is the Norah Nightie from Greenstyle Creations (affliate) and it's so cute. Sorry, but I am not going to model this one for you. You just have to trust me that it's cute and you should go make your own. I can cross another one off of my bucket list because I have now sewn some of my own lingerie. Not only is this pattern a great fit, it's easier than you would think to make and I love that you can customize it exactly as you like.

There are a few different options included so that you can make it as sassy or as tame as you like. This one is pretty tame, with the crossover bodice and mid-thigh length, plus an opaque rayon material. If you are feeling more sassy, they have included a cut line for "sassy" length and a slightly lower cut bodice that meets at the center front. And of course, you can choose a material that is, shall we say, less opaque. So I may have to make myself another one.

The pattern also comes with bonus panties, so that you can make yourself matching boyshorts or thong. I haven't made these yet, but I am looking forward to it.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Get your Norah pattern here!
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Monday, February 9, 2015

Valentine's Shirt

In the spirit of the holiday, I wanted to sew up a Valentine's Day shirt for my girl. I found some cute fabric with hearts and made a quick raglan tee. And when I say quick, this shirt literally took 30 minutes to make, even including printing and cutting. It's got to be one of the fastest things you can sew. Gotta love that. So if you have waited until the last minute to make up a shirt for your kid, this is the way to go.

Pattern: Grand Slam from Peekaboo Patterns (affliate)
Fabric: Solid Magenta Cotton/Lycra from Purple Seamstress, heart fabric from Spandex World

It's a good thing this was not an intense project, because this three year old has her own ideas about what she wants to wear and she decided she did not want to wear this to our Valentine's play date last week after I hurried to finish it. She says she will wear it to her preschool party, though.

I didn't make the boy anything for Valentine's Day, because he is old enough to think that is dorky. But I am planning on making him one for St Patrick's Day.

Check back tomorrow to see what I made for me for Valentine's Day!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Boy's Undies

Yesterday I shared the underwear I made for my little girl, today it's the underwear for the boy. He really loves these. So much better than store bought.

And I made these for the boy with the Classic Briefs and Boxer Briefs pattern, also from Peekaboo Patterns. (affliate links)

 He told me I could make him underwear as long as they were boxer briefs. Ha. I wasn't sure how he would feel about them, but he reaches for these first every time they are clean. He says they are super comfortable. He's happy, I'm happy. It looks like I might have to make some more of these.

I have not been brave enough to make underwear for me yet, but now that these came out so well, I am thinking about it.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Girl's Undies

If you asked me a year or so ago, I probably would have said I would never make underwear. Crazy, right? Well, I came across a few good patterns for underwear for the kids, and thought, what the heck. They are easy to make, especially if you are making several pairs at one time. And, the best part, they take so little fabric. If you ever wonder what to do with those knit scraps, here you go. Anytime you are making a project with knit, you can probably eke out enough scraps to make some underwear. And my three year old thinks its cool to match her underwear to her outfit.

These were made with the Classic Panties and Camisole pattern from Peekaboo Patterns (affliate).
They fit great, very close to ready-to-wear sizes. But the best thing about sewing them yourself is that you can customize the fit. So for my skinny little girl, I can make them narrower while keeping the length/rise that she needs.

Check back tomorrow for the boy's undies I made.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Greenstyle Finnley Pants

I have been busy sewing this last week and made several items. most of them for me! That doesn't happen very often. I'm going to showcase a few of my favorites this week. First up, the Finnley pants from Greenstyle Creations (affiliate). Greenstyle has so many great patterns and some of my favorite patterns for women.

These pants are soo comfortable. They are all knit with an elastic waistband. And they have these rings at the bottom that are hard to see in the picture. They add a little interest and a little sophistication to the pants. But I love that they are still subtle, since I am not big on ruffles, at least not on me. While they may not be dressy exactly, they look nicer than regular knit pants or yoga pants, but are just as comfortable. As a stay-at-home Mom, these are the perfect uniform. I would feel comfortable running around town in these or taking the kids to the park.

A couple of notes: My measurements were between sizes this time (XS-S), so I sized up since this is a slim-fitting pattern. I think it gave it more of a relaxed fit. Next time, I might try the size smaller, just for a different, slimmer, look.
Also, I think that if you skipped the rings and used appropriate fabric, these would make awesome knit pajama pants.

And in case you are wondering, here are some of the pattern details:

  • PDF pattern you can print at home
  • Pattern goes together with no taping required! So fast!
  • Size range from XXS - 3XL, hip size 31-50 inches
  • Made with knit fabric
  • Mid-rise or low-rise options, use layers to print only the option you want
  • Petite or regular inseam, 30" or 32", but of course you can shorten or lengthen the pattern to your liking
  • Separate waistband - fabric covered elastic
Get your pattern here.

* I am an affliate of Greenstyle Creations, meaning I may get a small commission if you purchase through a link from this blog. But don't worry, my opinions are honest and they are my own.