Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Valentine's Day for Me!

Well, it's a day later than I promised, but here's what I made for ME this Valentine's.

This is the Norah Nightie from Greenstyle Creations (affliate) and it's so cute. Sorry, but I am not going to model this one for you. You just have to trust me that it's cute and you should go make your own. I can cross another one off of my bucket list because I have now sewn some of my own lingerie. Not only is this pattern a great fit, it's easier than you would think to make and I love that you can customize it exactly as you like.

There are a few different options included so that you can make it as sassy or as tame as you like. This one is pretty tame, with the crossover bodice and mid-thigh length, plus an opaque rayon material. If you are feeling more sassy, they have included a cut line for "sassy" length and a slightly lower cut bodice that meets at the center front. And of course, you can choose a material that is, shall we say, less opaque. So I may have to make myself another one.

The pattern also comes with bonus panties, so that you can make yourself matching boyshorts or thong. I haven't made these yet, but I am looking forward to it.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Get your Norah pattern here!
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