Friday, May 1, 2015

Monkey Bar Skirt - Skater Style

I made my girl another Monkey Bar skirt this week, but this time I mixed it up a little. Check out my last one here.

This time I used the same pattern pieces for the waistband and shorts, but I decided to change up the skirt a little bit. I didn't want to do the gathers this time. Partly because I just didn't want to do the gathering, cause I am lazy like that. But also because I was envisioning a more a-line style for this one. And since I plan on making a whole bunch of these for her to wear all summer, they might as well be a little different. So this time, I used the skirt from my Kitschy Coo girl's Skater Dress (find it here). It worked perfectly. You could, of course, use any other skirt pattern you like. You could use another skater skirt pattern, or an aline skirt, or make your own circle skirt pattern. (Click here for a useful tutorial on making your own circle skirt from Dana at Made). I used Kitshy Coo Skater dress skirt pattern piece in the same size (2) and it worked perfectly. I did shorten it a little after measuring where I wanted it to hit on my daughter and you can see there is still plenty of length.

And this time I got a picture of the shorts, too.

I love this variation and I can't wait to come up with more ways to use this free pattern.

Get the free pattern for the Monkey Bar skirt here.
I also made her t-shirt from my trusty Jalie 2805 t-shirt pattern.

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