Monday, September 14, 2015

Pattern Hack Shawl Collar Cardigan from PAB V-Neck Cardigan

When I decided to sew my son a cardigan for this fall, I decided I liked the look of a shawl collar on boys. When I started on this a month ago, I didn't realize it was trendy. In fact, I couldn't find any patterns for this. Since then, I have seen more of these around and I think there may be a new pattern releasing soon. In any case, I wanted to use a pattern I already had. So, I hacked the Peekaboo V-Neck Cardigan* to add the shawl collar. 

To make the collar, I had to draft my own pattern piece to use in place of the neckline binding. To get this pattern piece, used the cowl piece from the PAB Varsity Cowl Neck Pullover* to get an idea of the width and curve of the back neck. Then I curved this down into the width of the front placket. Then I cut four of these pieces and interfaced them at the placket. I sewed two sets of pieces together at the back neck, then sew the outer placket to the inner placket. Then you sew the whole neckline to the cardigan.

It's always a pleasant surprise when a pattern draft or pattern hack turns out exactly the way you pictures it the first time.

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  1. Love this look. To me it feels more jacket like. Classic and clean. Good job on the hack.

  2. Great job on the pattern hack. He looks so handsome in it!

  3. Thanks! I think he looks pretty handsome, too. ;)

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