Monday, October 19, 2015

Halloween Costume - DIY Luke Skywalker

My seven year old is into Star Wars this year. So, naturally, he wanted to be Luke Skywalker for Halloween. This gave me a chance to be creative and put together his entire costume. I am pretty proud of how it came out. 

I made the whole thing out of things we had at the house and fabric from my stash, but even if you bought the fabric new, you could make the whole outfit for under $15 (without the light saber toy.) Plus, the whole thing is made of super comfy knit fabric and should hold up for a good long while. The style and color might not be very well suited for everyday wear, but it will make great pajamas. 

I started with the tutorial from Melly Sews as inspiration (find it here - She also talks about her Obi-Wan and Leia costumes!). The fabric is the cream cotton lycra from Purple Seamstress. I used the free Sleepy Robe by Blank Slate Patterns (find it here). To make it tunic length, I just cut it shorter. I used the size 7/8, but cut the length about halfway between the 18m/2T and 3/4 hemlines. I also widened the sleeve pattern at the wrist by about an inch, drawing the line straight from the armscye down to the new mark. This gives the sleeves that wider, priestly robe look over the bathrobe look.

The pants were made using the Parachute Sweatpants from Oliver + S. They pretty much fit perfectly just as written and are so comfy in this knit fabric. I did hem the bottom instead of using elastic, but made no other changes. They would be perfect everyday pants, but I think this color means they will most likely be pajamas or dress up clothes for the rest of the year.

We used an old webbing belt of my husbands for the belt and found lots of household tools and toys to hang from it. 

The light saber is a store-bought. Because, let's face it, I don't want to try to make that. And that's a toy he will play with all the time. (Find it here* if you are interested.)

The boot covers also used the basic idea described in the Melly Sews tutorial. I found it took a bit of work to make them work right, though. Just as in the tutorial, I cut a rectangle of fabric, folded it in half, serged the bottom and sides, and then cut a whole in the bottom for his shoes. I think I may have made them too big, since I didn't want them to be tight, but I think I should have made them more snug fitting. I finished the top with a snug cuff so that they stay up, but they are slightly loose through the leg. A word of warning, though - the hole in the bottom of the foot needs to be pretty small so that they stretch around the shoe. If the hole is too big they will just flop around. I know because I did that and then had to fix them back up and now they are a bit wonky, but whatever. Oh, and I used Kaufman Laguna Jersey in Taupe for the boot fabric.

Have you made your Halloween costumes yet? What are you making this year?

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  1. This is great! I love the idea of reusing the costume as pyjamas! I'm pretty sure it's only a matter of time until i'm asked to make a star wars costume so I must remember this!

    1. Thanks. I like to try to make something that can still be used after the holiday, even if it's for pajamas!

  2. I hope my someday son wants to be Luke someday. This is very cute!