Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Halloween Costumes - DIY Ice Princess Costume

My little miss has changed her mind so many times about what she wanted to be for Halloween that my head was spinning. (Did you see this post I did? That was basically a true story). At the moment, she is said on trick-or-treating as eveyone's favorite Ice Princess. Which works fine for me, because I had already made her this costume a little while back just for dress-up play. She wears it all the time, so I was happy to make it. If she wants to wear it for Halloween this year, too, that's less work for me. Unless she changes her mind again before then...

The dress was made with the free pattern from Peekaboo Patterns. (Find it here*.) The free pattern is offered in only a single size, which is about a 4T. I made this for my girl when she was only three and she is so skinny that she could have worn about an 18m. But the pattern fits nicely. 

I changed up the skirt on the pattern. I found this shiny metallic spandex fabric from Spandex World and it seemed perfect for this dress. Since the fabric was stretchy and a bit stiff, I didn't want to do gather it. (Plus I don't like to sew gathers - it's a pain.) So I used the Jocole A-line skirt as a guide for cutting the skirt portion (find it here.)

The bodice is made with a mostly sheer tricot knit fabric layered with a sequin knit fabric. 

The cape part in the back is made with tulle. I left the tulle a bit narrower than the pattern suggests, both because I was running low and because she will be doing a lot of running and playing in this and I don't want it to get in the way. 

 It should fit her for a nice long while. And it will last a lot longer and be a lot more comfortable than the dress up dresses that you find at the store. 

I would love to hear about costumes that you have made. Which ones were your favorites?

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