Thursday, November 12, 2015

Where to Wear? Tour: Date Night In with Carolyn Pajamas

This week I am on the Wear to Where? tour, which is bringing together some awesome fashion blogger and sewing bloggers for a two week blog tour full of style inspiration for all kinds of occasions. And there is a great giveaway, so keep reading!

Today we're talking "Date Night In." I'm a big fan of date nights in. I mean, date nights out are great, too, but if I'm being honest, most of the time by Friday night I am tired and I just want to stay in and hang out on the couch. Not to mention the price of a babysitter and a dinner and a movie. But still, date nights are important. So curl up on the couch with your significant other, watch a movie, and get yourself some wine and some ice cream. Sounds pretty good, huh? 

So what are you wearing for date night in? If you are hanging out at home on the couch, it should of course be comfortable. But it should be cute, too. So, I sewed up the Carolyn Pajama set from Closet Case Patterns with a purple cotton shirting and handmade piping. I have to say, I love them.

They are as comfortable as pajamas should be, but I wouldn't be at all embarrassed to be seen in them. They are just fitted enough to be flattering and have great details like piping and cuffs. Why have I never had pajamas like this before? They feel so luxiurious.

Now it's time to curl up on the couch in my cute pajamas. What are you wearing for date night in?

Be sure to head over to Wild+Wanderful or Gardening in High Heels to check out the other brilliant bloggers, sewists and stylistas on the tour, as well as be able to link up your own looks and show us what you would Wear to Where! 

Now let's talk giveaway prizes for this tour!!
For the sewists:
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  1. The perfect jammies!!! I love that color and love the classic feel of these pajamas. I wish my kids would allow us a date night in. It's more of a quick watch a movie while the kids are asleep before we pass out from exhaustion.

    1. Thanks Melissa. They are so comfortable! It can be hard to get even a date night in. Sometimes it takes us three nights just to get through a movie. But we do enjoy it.

  2. Those PJs are the exact style I'm always on the hunt for while shopping. And you MADE them! Awesome.

    1. Thanks. It's great to be able to customize them. I had to do a lot of shortening to make them just right. :)

  3. Dayyy-um girl. ;) You look very cute in those jammies and I've wanted that pattern forever! I never know what to use for the fabric though. What's comfortable to lounge in, yaknow? You look totally respectable hanging in those jammies.

    P.S. I always love seeing your makes - it's right on par with my style. Keep it up! :D

    1. Thanks so much. It is a great pattern, although it's not one of those, quick, throw-together pj type things. It took a bit of time. And kind of a lot of fabric. And fabric was tough for me to choose, too. I used a basic shirting cotton and it's great. Now I want some in flannel, too.

  4. First, I ALWAYS approve of purple. So you won me over with that. But the collar on this is a dream! Seriously!

    1. Glad you like the purple. :) The collar makes these totally respectable.

  5. Those jammies are awesome! They really fit you well!

    1. Thanks! They are so comfortable! Now that I mostly got the fit down (Mostly I did a lot of shortening pattern pieces for my 5'2 self), I want to make lots more.

  6. Love them! I've been thinking of making these in some cute fabric or another.

  7. That color is perfect on you! The details definitely make that special - anything with pockets is always tops in my book. Very cute and cozy. Thank you for joining in! By the way, I so feel you - by Friday night, I'm just tapped out!

  8. I'm SO impressed you made these! The detailing on the pj's is great!