Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Bimaa Sweater - Kids Clothes Week Day 1

 Kids clothes week has come around again. Once every season, the Kids Clothes Week Blog encourages us to spend one hour a day all week sewing for our kids. It's a great way to see what everyone is sewing and to get motivated to start on next season's wardrobe. Hop over to the blog and check it out. Read on to see my progress from Day 1.

Yesterday was day 1, and I decided it  was finally time to sew up this Bimaa Sweater from LouBee Clothing. I have had the pattern printed out for a couple of months, but I got distracted / backlogged / stymied by indecisiveness, and I hadn't made it. Truth be told, I have been in a bit of a sewing funk since the New Year and I really haven't made much. Between the yucky weather, more hours at work, and all of the sickness that has been going around, I have lacked the motivation to do anything productive at home. This project was actually the perfect kickstart to get my sew-jo back.

If I had realized how quickly this sweater went together, I might have sewn it up before now. It took me right at an hour from cutting the pattern to wearing, which is awesome. The waist and sleeves are finished with bands, so there is no hemming. She chose the shawl collar option, but the pattern also includes a hooded or cowl option.

I made the pattern in a size bigger than I normally would, since I'm afraid there is not much sweater weather left this year and I would like her to wear it next year. I made her a size 4 with 5 length. It's a slim fitting sweater, so even with sizing up, it doesn't look too big. Hopefully it will look just as good next year!

I dug this french terry out of my stash. It's a lovely french terry from Raspberry Creek Fabrics. It actually came in a mystery box that I got a little while ago, but I love it for spring. It's a lovely color and not too heavy.

What do you think? Are you sewing for Kids Clothes Week?

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