Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Jocole Love Blog Tour - Girls Mix and Match Dress

Welcome to my stop on the Jocole Love blog tour! I was happy to participate in this tour because I do have a great appreciation for Jocole patterns.

 I love Jodi's philosophy of designing around basic patterns that can really serve as staples in your wardrobe. Using these staples, you could create almost anything. If you follow the Jocole blog, you will find all kids of ideas and tutorials for hacking these patterns into all kinds of things. And if there is anything you can't find on the blog, I'm sure you could find an answer in their Facebook group. I love the idea that with just a small investment in a few patterns, you can get those patterns to fit really well, and then, with those patterns, you can use your imagination and simple hacks to create all kinds of things. 

I chose to make a girl's dress from the Mix and Match series. The Mix and Match series really exemplifies the idea of making all kinds of things from just a few basic patterns. There are several patterns for different bodices, necklines, sleeves, various sleeves, bottoms, and skirts. You can make anything from a basic t-shirt to a twirly dress. 

To make this dress, I used the basic bodice, the flutter sleeve as well as classic (long) sleeves, the basic tee bottom, and the playful flounce bottom. I used several coordinating cotton/lycra knit fabrics from the club line at Raspberry Creek Fabrics. I love the look of all these fabrics together. And how cute are those hearts? 

I made my girl her usual size, which is a size 2 with the length of the size 4. It might be a tad long on my girl, but, of course, she grows so quickly that I think that's a good thing! 

What do you think?

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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks. She's pretty cute. She's not always this cooperative, but it's nice when she is. ;)

  2. What a great use of the mix and match. Those patterns aren't used nearly enough. I don't think people realize once you own those you don't really NEED to buy anything else. :)

    1. Totally agree. You can make soo many things!

  3. So cute! I bet she grows into it so quick!

  4. She is beautiful and I love her outfit!